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Submitting Grades in Self-Service Banner

To:            SIU Faculty and Instructors

From:       SIU Registrar's Office

Subject:   Grading your SIU course(s)

If you are recorded in the Banner student information system as the primary instructor for one or more undergraduate or graduate SIU courses for the term, it is your responsibility to submit the final grades for your students in these courses.  Only the primary instructor is permitted to submit these grades (any non-primary instructors are not).  Official grade submission is done online using Self-Service Banner (SSB) after logging into SalukiNet.

Effective Summer 2017, plus/minus letter grades are available for use at SIU for the grading of undergraduate and graduate students.

If you have questions about midterm grades, click here.

The following are highlights about submitting grades, though we encourage you to read the details below:

  • Only the primary instructor is allowed to enter grades;
  • Grades are entered by logging into SalukiNet Self-Service Banner (SSB);
  • Grades are entered during or just after Finals Week and are due by 8:00 AM on the Wednesday after Finals Week;
  • Students engaged in passing work but unable to complete all of the class assignments for reasons beyond their control may be given an INC grade;
  • Students who actually started attending the class but then simply stopped attending without withdrawing should be given a WF or WU grade with the last date of attendance;
  • Students who never attended the class at all should be given a NS ("no show") grade;
  • Do not assign an F grade to a student who should receive a WF or WU or NS grade as just described in the previous two points;
  • Do not leave any grades blank for students shown on your SSB class lists;
  • Effective May 2017, grades are no longer being rolled nightly during Finals Week; the rolling will wait until after the grade submission deadline;
  • You may go back and change a grade before it is rolled, but once it is rolled, you will need to submit a grade change card to change it;
  • If you fail to enter any grades, our office will give NR ("not recorded") placeholder grades and you will have to submit grade change cards to give the proper grades;
  • Save yourself some grade change headaches by reviewing your grades immediately after entering them but before logging out of SSB.  The Faculty Grade Summary menu item in SSB is a good place to go to do that;
  • If you have any questions about submitting grades, please contact our office at 618-453-2999.

1.  When can I submit my final grades?

Online grading for full semester classes in Fall and Spring will be available beginning the Monday morning of Finals Week.  Online grading for full term classes in Summer will be available beginning the Monday morning of the week that ends with the two day final exam period.  The final exam schedule for all terms is noted in our calendars.

When can I submit my final grades for an early or a short course?

Online grading for shorter courses that do not last the entire term – such as first-half or second-half courses, or courses that meet only during the Summer Intersession or the Winter Intersession – will be opened as soon as the course is officially complete (according to the course dates designated within Banner and the Schedule of Classes).  If the official end of the short course falls during the week of finals, grading will open up as noted in the previous paragraph.

2.  How long do I have to submit my final grades?

Once grading is open, it should normally be available both day and night.  We ask that you please try to submit your grades as soon as possible following the completion of your course(s).  The same request is true even for short courses that may end well before the end of the term, since students will want to know soon after completion what their grades are for those courses.

Unless a course is still meeting beyond the official end of the term, the normal deadline for online grade submission is 8:00 AM Central time on the Wednesday after final exams.

If grades are not entered by the deadline, the process of entering a "not recorded" (NR) placeholder grade for each ungraded student will be undertaken by our staff, and you will then have to submit official grade change cards to our office for each student to give them the proper grade.

3.  Where do I go to submit my final grades?

SalukiNet Self-Service Banner (SSB) is where you will enter grades.  While you may utilize D2L for grading during the term, D2L is not the official repository of the student's academic record, so you will need to enter your grades in SSB.

Once in SalukiNet, search for "SSB" to get the SSB task which you should then launch.  That task will run in a separate browser tab (or window) and will bring up SSB's main menu.  Choosing the Faculty and Advisors link will give you a menu where you will find access to your class lists and the grading that you will do.

If you need help with how to submit your grades in SSB, please see these step-by-step instructions.  You may also visit our faculty Banner info page for more resources.

4.  What is the process for submitting final grades in SSB?

Within SSB, when you attempt to select the Enter Final Grades menu item, if you haven't already selected the term, you will be prompted to do so.  Please note that this term selection drop-down's default term will be the last term with any classes scheduled in the future, which is not the term for which you will be wanting to enter grades.  You will want to make sure that you select the proper term at this point.  If you don't pay attention and you select that default term, you will get the message "The Final Grade Worksheet is unavailable" when you choose a course to grade.

Once you have selected a particular course and are in its grading worksheet, you will see that your students are listed in alphabetical order, with no more than 100 per page (each 100 is called a "set").  If you have more than 100 students in a course, you will have multiple sets of students for whom to submit grades.  When navigating into a set, you will have no more than 30 minutes from the time you enter the set to hit the [Submit] button, though we would encourage you to hit the [Submit] button every several minutes, especially if you get interrupted while entering your grades.

We recommend that you do not go to SSB and enter grades until you are ready to quickly enter any or all grades for a course.  Being in SSB for long periods of time while you do grade calculations puts you at risk of timing out of SSB and losing whatever grades you have already entered but not yet submitted.

5.  When will students see the grades that I enter in SSB?

Students have their own SalukiNet SSB menus where they can go to see their grades.  However, when you hit the [Submit] button to submit your grades, your students will not yet be able to see those grades in SSB (though they will be able to see them in the "View Your Grades and Academic Standing" task in SalukiNet).  In order for their grades to show up in SSB and on their transcript, our office will first need to "roll" the grades into their academic history.

What this means is that, until the grades are rolled, you have the chance to go back into SSB and correct (and resubmit) a grade in case you made a mistake in entering it.  However, once the grade is rolled, you can no longer correct it within SSB, but must submit an official grade change card to get the grade changed.

Grades for early-ending courses are rolled once a week over the weekend.  Once Finals Week arrives, grades will not be rolled until after the grade submission deadline noted in Question 2 above.

6.  Is it still possible to submit an "INC" grade for a student?

Yes.  However, please remember that an INC grade should be used only for a student who is engaged in passing work but is unable to complete all of the class assignments for reasons beyond their control.  To help such a student, a plan should be developed between the instructor and the student as to how the student will be able to make up the missing work in a timely fashion.  (A formal Incomplete Grade Agreement document for instructors to use is available within SalukiNet.)

Also, the time period which the student has to make up this missing work has been shortened per a University policy change that went into effect in 2013.  (It is no longer a year for undergraduates!)  Please see our INC grade page for more details on the length of time that undergraduate and graduate students each have to complete the missing work.

7.  What about listed students who are not really in this class?

Please do not leave any grades blank for students shown on your SSB class lists.  It is critical that you let us know something about any student who is shown as still registered in your course(s).  Thus, please note the following scenarios.

Students who dropped

If a student formally dropped the class, depending on when they did so, they may still appear on your list but with a W grade.  You should leave a W grade alone, and you probably cannot alter it anyway.  Outside of those students, both the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs indicate that failure to formally drop the class will subject students to special grades.

Students who simply stopped attending

For an undergraduate student still listed as a member of this class who actually started attending this class but then simply stopped attending (without formally dropping), you should submit a WF grade (along with the Last Attend Date as best as you can estimate it).  This is a special type of failing grade.  A different grade that may be used for a graduate student who started attending and then simply stopped attending is a WU grade, which represents an unauthorized withdrawal.

We recommend that if you have to enter WF or WU grades, that you skip them until you have entered other grades for this class.  In other words, enter the other grades (that don't require the Last Attend Date) first and be sure to hit the [Submit] button.  Then go ahead and enter the WF or WU grades (with the dates) and hit the [Submit] button.  Based on what we've observed, sometimes SSB does not like the WF/WU grades without other grades already being present.

Students who never showed up

For a student who never attended this class at all, you should instead submit a NS ("no show") grade.  This is really a placeholder type of grade to be evaluated by the Registrar's Office in conjunction with any other grades submitted for the student, in order to determine if actions related to full withdrawal from the University should be taken.  However, please understand that the NS grade should only be used when the student was never known as a part of this class by you (or any other instructor); otherwise, the WF (or WU) grade is the appropriate grade to use.

While you may be tempted to assign one of the above types of students F grades, that is not appropriate.  A student who should receive a WF or WU or NS grade must not be assigned an F grade, because the federal financial aid implications are not the same.  An F grade should be reserved for students who were part of your class the entire time but performed very poorly.

8.  What about midterm grades?

Effective Fall 2013, instructors of 100- and 200-level full-semester (or nearly full-semester) courses are asked to submit midterm grades during Weeks 8 and 9 of the semester.  These midterm grades benefit their students by providing academic performance feedback in enough time for the students to decide if they need to withdraw from the course before the Week 10 withdrawal deadline.  Such grades are not required except for full-semester UCOL 101 courses (though other colleges and individual departments have the latitude to also require such grades of their instructors).

The process for submitting midterm grades within SSB is similar to that of submitting final grades, except that there is an Enter Midterm Grades menu item that you would use for this purpose during Weeks 8 and 9.  The information requested of you is basically the same as that for final grades.  Students will be able to see such grades in their SSB in order to decide if they need to withdraw from the course before the Week 10 withdrawal deadline.

Please note that you should not use INC or DEF grades as midterm grades.  While such grades may be appropriate as final grades, they will not provide the student with the feedback necessary to decide if they should stay in the course or withdraw from it.  For a midterm grade, then, please use a "regular" grade that represents the student's current progress in the course.  However, if the student is no longer in the class (or never was in the class), please use the grading noted in Question 7 above rather than simply giving them an F grade.

9.  Who can I contact with questions or for help with problems?

If you have any other questions about grades, you may contact the Records staff in the Registrar's Office at 618-453-2999 weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM Central time.  That office is located in room 0251 of the Student Services Building.

If you have problems logging into SalukiNet, please go to https://netid.siu.edu/, or else contact the "SalukiTech" Help Desk at 618-453-5155 or 1-866-718-HELP during their business hours.  If you are on campus and wish to see someone in person, go to room 161-A in Morris Library for assistance.

Finally, we would encourage you to please make sure that you are using a current Web browser when trying to log into SalukiNet.  The use of the most current versions of popular Web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Firefox should hopefully alleviate problems.  The use of the most current versions of Chrome, Safari, or Opera should hopefully also work well, though our Banner vendor does not necessarily support these as fully as it does IE and Firefox.

Thank you.