Pass Fail Grades

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Pass-Fail Grading System

Certain courses which, in the judgment of the department or program, have been determined to be inappropriate for the traditional grading system are designated as Mandatory Pass/Fail.  Courses which carry this designation include the words "Mandatory Pass/Fail" at the end of the course descriptions in Chapter 5 of the Undergraduate Catalog.

For courses taken on a Mandatory Pass/Fail basis, completed grades will be either the grade of P (when the student's work is satisfactory) or the grade of F (when the student's work is unsatisfactory).

The grade of P is not included in the grade point average computation but the hours earned apply toward graduation.  The grade of F is computed in the grade point average as a failure but no hours of credit are earned.  If a student receives an INC in a Mandatory Pass/Fail course, the same regulations apply for completion of the work as apply for all other grades of INC, as explained here.

In addition to the Mandatory Pass/Fail courses, an Elective Pass/Fail grading policy was in effect through the end of Spring Semester, 1987.  The regulations concerning that discontinued policy last appear in the 1986-1987 Undergraduate Catalog, pp. 29-30.