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Registrar's Office Forms

The below office forms are files that are in the PDF format.  Most of these PDF files have been designed to be fillable, meaning that you can type in them and then print out the completed form for submission to our office.  However, different web browsers may display the fillable PDF files in different ways, some of which may give you an error message that says that you need a later version of your PDF viewer.  If that happens, look for a button or box in the display area of your web browser that will allow you to save or download the PDF to your computer.  Once downloaded, you should then be able to open the saved PDF using the PDF software that you already have on your computer.  Sometimes the PDF viewers built into certain web browsers are not able to handle these files in the same way that specific PDF software is able to handle them.

Forms for Current and Former Students:

For submission to the Academic Records area:

For submission to the Graduation area:

  • Graduation Application for current undergraduate, graduate, and Law students is an online application available within SalukiNet Self-Service (for other student situations, please go here)
  • for undergraduate students who need to make a change to their already-submitted Graduation Application, please submit changes in writing to us at room 0251 of the new Student Services Building, or via fax at 618-453-2931, or via e-mail at  (and be sure to include your name and Dawg Tag number)
  • Request for Reprint of Diploma
  • information for the Apostille process for your diploma

For submission to the Registration area:

For submission to the Transcripts area:

For submission to the Withdrawals & Petitions area:

For submission to your instructor:

Forms for Faculty and Staff:

For submission to the Scheduling area:

For submission to the Registrar's Office:

These forms, when completed, may be delivered to the Registrar's Office on the second floor of the Student Services Building, room 0251 (mail code 4701 if using campus mail).

Please note that certain other Registrar's Office forms are available only to faculty and advisors and are stored in a restricted area.  Appropriate persons can access those forms by logging into SalukiNet After logging into SalukiNet, go to the Registrar Resources for Faculty, Advisors, and Staff task center, then launch the "Restricted Forms and Information" task to get started