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What other mandatory things should I take care of right away as I get started at SIU?

Congratulations on your admission to SIU.  As a part of joining the family of the second largest public university system in Illinois, there are some things you need to make sure you get taken care of to ensure that you will be able to register not only for your first term but also for subsequent terms.

We have already pointed out on our student home page that many students will need to be concerned with taking a Math placement exam, with signing up for orientation activities, and with contracting with University Housing.  Noted below are a few more things.

1.  Getting your DAWG Tag and claiming your Network ID

Your unique 9-digit SIU student ID is known as your "DAWG Tag" and should have been communicated to you during the admission process.  If not – or if you've forgotten it – you can look it up using your SSN and birthdate.  (If the lookup process doesn't return a result for you, you will be given the opportunity to request having one of our staff members communicate your DAWG Tag to you.)

Once you have applied for admission and have your DAWG Tag, you will need to claim your Network ID.  Your Network ID will be your DAWG Tag preceded by the three letters "SIU."  You will be using your Network ID to log into SalukiNet, Office365, the residence halls RezNet, the campus VPN, the Desire2Learn (D2L) learning system, computer lab workstations, and certain other campus computer systems.  Help with your Network ID may be found here.

2.  Submitting your final academic credentials

Undergraduate students need to submit official transcripts.  Domestic students admitted from high school should turn in their final high school transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions, while those admitted as college transfer students should turn in transcripts from all previous post-secondary institutions to Articulation & Evaluation (formerly known as Transfer Student Services).  The addresses for both of those are noted here.  International undergraduates should send their official transcripts to the address noted here.

Graduate students should send their official transcripts and any other pertinent documents directly to the department to which they have been admitted.

As a condition of their admission, students who fail to submit all required transcripts by the middle of their first semester may get a registration hold placed on their record until such time as they have submitted those transcripts.

3.  Submitting proof of immunizations

State of Illinois regulations require most incoming SIU students to provide proof of particular immunizations.  More information about this, as well as a form to complete and submit, is available at

If such proof is not received by the start of the third week of the student's first semester, a registration hold may be placed on their record until such time as they have submitted that proof.

4.  Completing mandatory training

In recent years, federal law has required University students to complete certain mandatory training in order to comply with the Violence Against Women Act.  The "Consent and Respect" training offered now is an online education program regarding sexual violence and bystander intervention.  Students complete this training according to the instructions provided at after they are personally alerted to the availability of the training (via their SIU e-mail).  Once alerted, they will have a 45 day deadline to complete it.

Incoming and returning students who fail to complete this training by the middle of their first semester (or first semester back) may get a registration hold placed on their record until such time as they have completed the training.  This online training may or may not be available prior to the start of the student's first semester, but it will certainly be available by the beginning of that semester.

Going forward, continuing students will need to complete this type of training on an annual basis.  Students will be personally alerted when the training is available for them, then they will have a 45 day deadline to complete it.

5.  Obtaining an e-mail address

While it's actually not necessary to have an e-mail address in order to register for classes, it is the policy of the University that students will obtain and use their SIU e-mail account as soon as they can.  Official University communications will be sent to that e-mail address, so SIU also expects that students will regularly monitor e-mail sent to that address.  (Our office will send e-mails about registration, waitlists, grades, academic standing, etc.)  More information about the official student e-mail policy is here.

To establish your e-mail address, you will have to wait an hour or so after you first register for classes for the first time.  Then you should log into and look for the prompt to obtain the e-mail address.  Once you have done that, you can use it by logging into with your Network ID and password.  You can also access your SIU e-mail from a compatible smart phone (see here for details) or else forward it to another e-mail address that you regularly monitor, so there should be no excuses for failing to monitor official University communications sent to your SIU e-mail account.

Newly-established SIU e-mail addresses are standardized to the student's name in the format of  (If there is already an existing e-mail address that matches the proposed address, then a middle initial and/or a sequence number will be automatically introduced to make the e-mail address unique.)

6.  Getting familiar with SalukiNet

Because of everything you will access there, we recommend that you make your "home base" for your computing activities at SIU.  You will log in there to take your Math placement exams, view important campus announcements, register for classes, accept your financial aid, look at your Bursar bill, see your final grades and academic standing, and other things.  It can also directly log you into other campus systems such as D2L (and various others).

Information about logging into SalukiNet and using the "Self-Service" functions (in particular to register for classes) is noted here.  A listing of the functions available in "Self-Service" can be found here.  We encourage you to explore SalukiNet so you'll know where to go for important information when you need it during your time at SIU.

7.  Other things

There are some additional things that should be reviewed by newly-admitted undergraduate students, by newly-admitted graduate students, and by newly-admitted Law students.  Newly-admitted international students of any level should review additional things noted here.