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Registration Announcements

The second half of Spring 2018 will begin the week of March 19, so there is still time to register for second-half Spring classes within SalukiNet Self-Service.  For more information about the registration process, please visit this page.

For students already enrolled in Spring classes, the last date to drop a full-term Spring class (with a W grade and no refund) using SalukiNet is Sunday, April 1.

Please note that MOST students1 will NOT be able to access Self-Service registration on Monday, April 2.  This is in preparation for the opening of Summer and Fall 2018 registration.  Affected students will appear to have a "Registration is not open" type of temporary hold that is just for that one day.  This temporary hold will go away on its own by sometime that evening.

Registration for Summer and Fall 2018 classes begins Tuesday, April 3 and follows this staggered-start schedule.  Students should register themselves within SalukiNet Self-Service once their scheduled registration time has arrived.

Some students will not be able to register themselves due to new registration holds that have been – or will be – placed on their student record on or by Monday, April 2.  You would see any such holds via the View Holds menu in Self-Service.  If you do have any new non-temporary registration holds, you should make sure to get them taken care of so that you will be able to register for your Summer and Fall classes.  Information about most holds is available here.

1 A small portion of students will be able to use the Self-Service registration system on Monday, April 2 during the period of 8:15 AM to 6:00 PM CDT.  This portion of students will include veterans and active duty military students, student athletes, UHP students, and select other groups of students.  All remaining students will have the temporary hold in effect during that time to prevent their use of the system.