Registr. Calendar Fall 2012

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Registration Calendar - Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Registration* Tuesday, March 20 – Sunday, August 19

Statements of Account produced for advance registered
students (1st bill of the semester)
Monday, July 16

Tuition and Fee payment deadline
for 1st bill
Friday, August 10

(late registration fee assessed)
Monday, August 20

Late Registration and Program Changes Monday, August 20 – Sunday, August 26

Deadline to Register or Add
(without Dean’s signature)
Sunday, August 26

Deadline to send Major changes for Current term Friday, August 31

Last day to drop a course to be eligible
for a credit/refund; last day to change credit/audit status.
Last day to withdraw from the University with a full refund**
Sunday, September 2

Last day to submit paperwork to the Registration office
related to the last day to drop or withdrawal
(CRF's and withdrawal forms)
Friday, October 12

Last day to drop a course online using SalukiNet
(for students)***
Sunday, October 14

SEMESTER ENDS Friday, December 14

Prepayment is no longer required.
*Students with a past‐due of $500 or greater will not be allowed to register.
**Students registering for shorter-than-semester-length classes after the first day of the course will be assessed the late registration fee.
***Students may not drop a semester-length course after Week 8 (Week 4 in Summer Session).  Students enrolled in courses that are not full semester-length should refer to the drop deadline chart in chapter 2 of the Undergraduate Catalog (page 27 of the 2012-2013 edition), since the full refund date and the last date to drop will vary depending on the start date and length of the course.