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SIU Program Inventory

The programs of study that are offered by SIU Carbondale are done so under the auspices of the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE).  These programs of study are classified according to the federal Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) system, most recently updated in 2010 and 2020.

SIU offers undergraduate programs leading to various Bachelor's degrees.1  The SIU Graduate School offers graduate programs leading to various Master's and Doctoral degrees.2  The SIU School of Law and the SIU School of Medicine offer programs leading to professional and other post-Baccalaureate degrees and certificates.

More details about programs of study can be found in the appropriate catalog.

Mandated annual reporting of SIU program enrollments and program degrees conferred is produced by the office of Institutional Research and Studies.  Such reporting uses the CIP codes assigned to the programs.  Examples of such recent reporting may be viewed within their Factbook web site.

The office of the Associate Provost for Academic Programs (APAP) coordinates formal changes to programs of study initiated by the SIU colleges, schools, and departments.  The APAP works with the SIU Vice President for Academic Affairs, as well as the Faculty Senate and Graduate Council, on such changes.3

Approved changes to programs of study are reported annually to the SIU Board of Trustees.

1 A few undergraduate programs also lead to the AAS degree or to certificates.

2 Several graduate programs also lead to post-Baccalaureate certificates.

3 Certain changes to programs of study also require the approval of the IBHE.