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NR Grade Information

If a student's final grade in an undergraduate or graduate course is not officially submitted by the instructor by the University's grade submission deadline¹, a "not recorded" (NR) placeholder grade will be entered for the student by staff in the Registrar's Office.  The instructor will then be required to submit an official grade change card to the Registrar's Office in order to give that student the proper final grade.

As a placeholder grade, the NR does not count – positively or negatively – in the student's GPA calculation, nor does it change the student's academic standing.  However, when the proper final grade is submitted, the GPA will be recalculated, as will the academic standing, and one or both of them could be changed as a result.

A student who has an NR grade on their student record should check with their instructor or the department to help expedite the process of receiving a proper final grade.  A student's degree may not be awarded while they have an NR grade on their student record.

¹ The grade submission deadline for courses that end by the Sunday following the end of the normal final exam period is 8:00 AM Central Time on the Wednesday morning following the end of the normal final exam period.  Submission of grades for those courses must be completed by this deadline in order to avoid the posting of an NR placeholder grade, since, after this deadline arrives, grading within SalukiNet SSB will be turned off for those courses.