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Elective Pass/NoPass Grading for Fall 2020

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic that struck Illinois during the Spring 2020 semester continues to impact the University's course delivery options through the Fall 2020 semester.

As a result of these unprecedented challenges to our faculty and students, SIU leadership has decided to permit undergraduate and graduate students – with the exception of students enrolled in the Schools of Law and Medicine – the option of electing to have their letter grades be converted to "Pass/NoPass" grades instead (i.e., P/NP grades for undergrads, S/U grades for grad students).  This option applies to courses taken during the Fall 2020 semester.

Most undergraduate and graduate students were able to elect Pass/NoPass grading on one or more of their Fall 2020 courses from December 7 through December 16, 2020 (though that election period has now ended).  Any course where Pass/NoPass grading is not elected by the student will retain its normally-assigned grading.

The above information includes instructions about how to use SalukiNet SSB to elect Pass/NoPass grading, as well as various potential implications from electing Pass/NoPass grading.

Elective Pass/NoPass grading was also available to most undergraduate and graduate students during the Spring 2020 semester.  At that time, the School of Law instituted mandatory S/U grading for their Spring 2020 courses.