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WF Grade Information

Instructors should assign undergraduates the grade WF for those students who have not officially withdrawn from the class, have ceased attending, and have failed to complete the requirements of the course.  Along with a WF grade, instructors must note the last date of attendance for the student as evidenced by a daily attendance record, the last examination taken, the last assignment completed, the last laboratory or tutorial or study session, or the last in-office advisement or counseling session with respect to the class.

The accuracy of the given "last date of attendance" is very important, particularly as it relates to the return of Title IV aid funds.

The WF will be counted in the student's GPA calculation like an F grade, except when the given "last date of attendance" falls within the full refund period for the course (through the second week for a full semester course).  Classes dropped within that period are erased from the student's record (unless the student is completely withdrawing from the University).  Students who receive a WF grade for all classes for a semester will be completely withdrawn from the University effective the week of the latest "last date of attendance."

A student's financial aid may be negatively impacted by the receipt of WF grades.