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SIU Carbondale Transcript Request Policy

Avoid delays!  Order your PDF electronic transcript today.  These are normally e-mailed within minutes of your completed order.  Please note:  Students who attended prior to Fall 1990 will require additional processing time.

Ordering SIU Carbondale transcripts:

SIUC transcripts consist of a student's complete undergraduate and/or graduate academic history at SIUC.  (Transcripts will show current term courses as in-progress starting the fifth week of the term.)  Students who need an official transcript for themselves, an employer, or other educational institution, may order official transcripts below.

Students who attended SIUC beginning Fall 1990 or later may view their unofficial transcript within SalukiNet Self-Service.  However, students who attended prior to Fall 1990 will not be able to do so because individual coursework information prior to Fall 1990 is stored only on physical record cards at the University.

Official SIUC transcripts can be ordered in the following ways:

  • Ordering online (via our third party vendor Parchment):
    • Ordering is available 24 hours a day
    • Complete this form (your signature may be required in certain cases)
    • Include your payment via credit or debit card (costs are shown here)
    • There are options to pick up transcripts from our office or have them mailed to the recipients via 1st class mail
    • This is the only way to mail transcripts via FedEx expedited delivery
    • This is the only way to send electronic transcripts
  • Ordering by mail:
    • Complete and sign this paper form
    • Mail the completed form and your check or money order to our office
    • The cost is $5 per copy
    • Your transcripts will be mailed to the recipients via 1st class mail

PLEASE NOTE:  You cannot order transcripts using e-mail, fax, or the phone.  Also, for any transcripts that will need to be mailed out via 1st class mail, such transcripts will usually leave our office within 2 to 10 business days from receipt of your order, with delivery time according to USPS standards (so please plan accordingly).

The student assumes all responsibility for the following:

  • Reading these SIUC Transcript Office policies and instructions;
  • Ensuring that the recipient can and will accept the chosen method of transcript delivery;
  • Providing the correct mailing address and/or email address;
  • Meeting the recipient's deadlines for submission of the transcript;
  • Ensuring that the recipient opens any electronic transcript within 30 days.

Other important things to note about ordering transcripts:

  • If you don't know your DAWG Tag ID-number, look it up here;
  • Signature (when required) must be received prior to the transcript being processed or released;
  • No one may request a student's transcript without the student's signature or power of attorney;
  • School of Law students must request their transcripts through the SIU School of Law;
  • School of Medicine students must request their transcripts through the SIU School of Medicine;
  • If you have any other questions, call us at (618) 453-2054 or e-mail us at