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If you do not apply to graduate, you will NOT graduate. The filed Graduation Application is used to inform the candidate's academic unit and advisement center that the Graduation Check is to be completed. It is also the basis for listing candidates in the published Commencement program, for posting the completed degree and any associated Honors designation to the student's record and on the transcript, and for printing the diplomas. The process of degree evaluation, degree posting, and diploma mailing takes up to ten weeks after the end of the graduation term.

Most students can and should apply to graduate online within SalukiNet. After logging into SalukiNet, go to the Registrar -- Academic Records & Graduation task center, then launch the Submit Your Graduation Application Online task to get started.

To assist you in this graduation application process within SalukiNet, we have detailed instructions available in this document.

If you are unable to apply online, you may instead use a paper application.

Students who have recently applied to graduate can track the status of their graduation application in SalukiNet by going to the Registrar -- Academic Records & Graduation task center and then launching the View Your Filed Graduation Application Status task. Within this task the student will be able to see the following information for graduation applications from Fall 2015 and later:

* Graduation term and conferral date
* Application status (e.g., applied for degree, degree awarded, diploma released)
* Degree, major(s), minor(s), specialization(s)/concentration(s)
* Attendance at a Carbondale ceremony (no or yes, and when)
* Name as it will appear on the diploma
* Address to which to mail the diploma

This task also gives instructions to follow if information needs to be changed – particularly the address to which to mail the diploma (since the student cannot make that particular type of address change within SalukiNet Self-Service) – or if there are any questions about the information that is shown.

Please understand that if you have a hold on your SIU record that would prevent release of a transcript – due to, for example, a debt that you have not yet paid to the Bursar's Office – that hold will also prevent us from releasing your diploma to you.  Information about holds can be found here.

Undergraduate students should monitor their degree progress in the Degree Works platform.  (In SalukiNet, go to the Registrar -- Academic Records & Graduation task center and then launch the Degree Works task.)  Effective Fall 2017, most undergraduate degree candidates will be evaluated and cleared for degrees based on their Degree Works audit.  Students should contact their academic advisor with any questions or concerns about requirements that do not show as met on their Degree Works audit.


The following is additional information related to graduation: