Plus/Minus Grades

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Plus/Minus Grades

Currently there are no plus/minus grades in use for undergraduate or graduate student course grading.  In other words, the standard letter grading system of A, B, C, D, and F does not include grades such as B+ or C- as options for instructors to use in those courses.

In response to the concern that the current grading system fails to provide enough distinguishing performance feedback within the range of a single letter grade, it was decided that the University move to a plus/minus grading system for undergraduate and graduate student course grading.

Implementation of this revised grading system will become effective for the Summer 2017 term (including the Summer Intersession).  Such a system will include the following grades (with their associated grade points per credit hour):

Grade Symbol


Grade Points Per Credit Hour

A Excellent. 4.000
A − Excellent. 3.667
B + Good. 3.333
B Good. 3.000
B − Good. 2.667
C + Satisfactory. 2.333
C Satisfactory. 2.000
C − Satisfactory. 1.667
D + Poor. 1.333
D Poor. 1.000
F Failure. 0.000

Use of plus/minus grades by instructors – for initial grades or for grade changes – will be allowed only for those applicable courses taken Summer 2017 or later, and will not be allowed (even retroactively) for those courses taken prior to Summer 2017.

Courses that are transferable from another institution, that are taken in Summer 2017 or later at the other institution, and that have been graded using a similar plus/minus grading system at the other institution will be assigned equivalent grades that make use of this plus/minus grading system.

The student's transcript will reflect the assignment of any plus/minus grades for Summer 2017 and beyond, with a notation on the back of the transcript noting the change in grading systems as of Summer 2017.