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Viewing Your Student Records

While you may order a transcript of your official educational record at SIU Carbondale, you may also view an unofficial transcript of your student records on SalukiNet From within SalukiNet, type "SSB" in the search bar to find the Self-Service (SSB) task, which you should then launch to go to the SalukiNet Self-Service area.

A guide to the menu system for students within SalukiNet Self-Service is available here.

If you are specifically looking for your unofficial transcript within SalukiNet Self-Service, you would go to the Student menu, then the Student Records sub-menu, then click on the link for Unofficial Student Academic Record.  This will list out your coursework and grades by term, along with your term-by-term GPA statistics and your overall GPA statistics.

If you are still working on your degree, you can also use SalukiNet Self-Service to evaluate the progress you are making toward your degree, to show you what courses still need to be completed for the degree.  (Questions about degree progress can be addressed by your academic advisement unit.)

If you started here prior to Fall 1990, only part of your student records will be viewable within SalukiNet Self-Service, since those earliest records are stored on record cards in the Registrar's Office.  (This means that an accurate degree progress report cannot be done within SalukiNet Self-Service, though you should still be able to see your complete overall GPA statistics.)  If your entire education with us was prior to Fall 1990, you will not be able to see any of your student records in this way.  In both cases, requesting an official transcript will be the easiest way for you to review your complete student records.

If you have active holds on your student record that would prevent the release of a transcript – see here for details on holds – you will not be able to receive an official transcript or to see your unofficial transcript in SalukiNet Self-Service until you satisfy the hold conditions.  You can see any such holds (if they exist) within SalukiNet Self-Service.