Changing Grades

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Changing of Grades

Grades given at the end of a course are final and may not be changed by additional work or submitting additional materials.  When work is completed for a course in which an INC grade has been given, instructors notify the Registrar's Office of that fact, along with the final grade to be given, by processing a Grade Change Card through their academic Dean's office.  Similarly, if the original grade that was submitted was done in error, a Grade Change Card should be processed.

Below is a deliberately-altered image of a Grade Change Card, shown here so that instructors understand what one looks like and what information is requested on one.  Instructors can obtain physical Grade Change Cards – or an electronic PDF version – from the office of their school director or department chair.  The electronic PDF version is also available from the Registrar's restricted forms web page.

grade change card

The instructor should complete the upper half of the card, including the date that the student completed the course, and sign and date the card.  Only the instructor of record for the course may sign as the instructor.  (If the instructor of record is no longer employed by SIU, the school director or department chair may sign instead, noting this fact on the card.)  The instructor should then forward the card to the school director or departmental chair for further processing.

If a card contains a grade change from an INC or DEF to an actual grade – or from an NR to an actual grade – then only the instructor's signature is needed.  However, when changing a previously-final grade to a different final grade, the school director or department chair, along with the Dean (or a delegate known to the Registrar's Office as authorized to do so), must sign as well.  If the affected student is a graduate student, then the Graduate School Dean must sign as well.  All signatures must be original handwritten or digital signatures (no stamps are allowed).

All Grade Change Cards should be submitted to the Registrar's Office by the school/department or the Dean's office.