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Submitting Grades in Self-Service Banner

To:            SIU Faculty and Instructors

From:       SIU Registrar's Office

Subject:   Grading your SIU course(s)

If you are recorded in the Banner student information system as the primary instructor for one or more undergraduate or graduate SIU courses for the term, it is your responsibility to submit the final grades for your students in these courses.  Only the primary instructor is permitted to submit these grades (any non-primary instructors are not).  Official grade submission is done online using Self-Service Banner (SSB) after logging into SalukiNet.

Effective Summer 2017, plus/minus letter grades are available for use at SIU for the grading of undergraduate and graduate students.

If you have questions about midterm grades, click here and read Question 8.

The following are highlights about submitting grades, though we encourage you to read the details below:

  • Only the primary instructor is allowed to enter grades;
  • Grades are entered by logging into SalukiNet Self-Service Banner (SSB);
  • Grades are entered during or just after Finals Week and are due by 8:00 AM on the Wednesday after Finals Week;
  • Students engaged in passing work but unable to complete all of the class assignments for reasons beyond their control may be given an INC grade;
  • Students who actually started attending the class but then simply stopped attending without withdrawing should be given a WF or WU grade with the last date of attendance;
  • Students who never attended the class at all should be given a NS ("no show") grade;
  • Do not assign an F grade to a student who should receive a WF or WU or NS grade as just described in the previous two points;
  • Do not leave any grades blank for students shown on your SSB class lists;
  • Effective May 2017, grades are no longer being rolled nightly during Finals Week; the rolling will wait until after the grade submission deadline;
  • You may go back and change a grade before it is rolled, but once it is rolled, you will need to submit a grade change card to change it;
  • If you fail to enter any grades, our office will give NR ("not recorded") placeholder grades and you will have to submit grade change cards to give the proper grades;
  • Save yourself some grade change headaches by reviewing your grades immediately after entering them but before logging out of SSB.  The Faculty Grade Summary menu item in SSB is a good place to go to do that;
  • If you have any questions about submitting grades, please contact our office at 618-453-2999.

Thank you.