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Submitting Grades in Self-Service Banner

To:            SIU Faculty and Instructors

From:       SIU Registrar's Office

Subject:   Grading your SIU course(s)

Official grade submission for undergraduate and graduate courses is done online by the primary instructor for a course section using Self-Service Banner (SSB) after logging into SalukiNet.  The information below will help you to do that appropriately.

A new version of grading within SSB has been rolled out for instructor use.  Please see Questions 5, 6, and 10 below for more information.  The old version of SSB grading is no longer available.


General Grading Questions:

About Mid-Semester Grading:

Instructors of 100- and 200-level full-semester (or nearly full-semester) courses are asked to submit mid-semester grades during Weeks 8 and 9 of the Fall and Spring semesters in order to provide their students beneficial academic performance feedback in enough time for them to decide if they need to withdraw from the course.

Such grades are not required except for full-semester UNIV 101 courses (though other individual departments/schools have the latitude to also require such grades of their instructors).

The process for submitting mid-semester grades within SSB is similar to that of submitting final grades.  (You will use the new Faculty Grade Entry as described in Question 6 above.)  Students will be able to see such grades in their SSB.

Please note that you should not use INC or DEF grades as mid-semester grades.  Instead, please use a "regular" grade that represents the student's current cumulative progress in the course as best as it can be determined.