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Meeting patterns for the Schedule of Classes, or on lists derived from it, may make use of classroom (and other) building codes in order to save space.  For such purposes, most building codes will normally be accompanied by specific room numbers (though the OFFC and BASE "building" codes will instead likely be accompanied by Zip codes indicating the general vicinity of the off-campus location).

The following is a list of various campus building codes – plus codes for other location designations – along with more detailed information for finding the buildings/locations:

Code Building Name Street Address City
BASE Off-campus military base    
HYB Hybrid of on-campus location and online delivery
(various locations) Carbondale
OFFC Off-campus site or Extended Campus online    
ONL On-campus course delivered online at scheduled days/times   Carbondale
ONL1 On-campus course delivered online without scheduled class times   Carbondale
0531 AFROTC Building 807 S Normal Ave Carbondale
0720 Blue Barracks 1075 S Washington St Carbondale
0721 Blue Barracks 250 E Park St Carbondale
AG Agriculture Building 1205 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
ALTG Altgeld Hall 1000 S Normal Ave Carbondale
ALYN Allyn Building 1100 S Normal Ave Carbondale
ANTY Anthony Hall 1265 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
ARENA SIU Arena 1400 Arena Dr Carbondale
ARNA SIU Arena 1400 Arena Dr Carbondale
ASA Applied Sciences & Arts (CASA) Building 1365 Douglas Dr Carbondale
AVIA Aviation Technology 635 Flightline Rd Murphysboro
BCKR Becker Pavilion (boathouse) 1493 Douglas Dr Carbondale
BOYD Boydston Center 1400 Arena Dr Carbondale
CNTR Student Center 1255 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
COMM Communications Building 1100 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
DAVS Davies Hall 1075 S Normal Ave Carbondale
DRC Dunn-Richmond Economic Dev. Center 1740 Innovation Drive Carbondale
EGRA Engineering, A Wing 1230 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
EGRB Engineering, B Wing 1230 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
EGRD Engineering, D Wing 1230 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
EGRE Engineering, E Wing 1230 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
EQUN Equine Center 2194 Union Hill Rd Carbondale
FANR Faner Hall 1000 Faner Dr Carbondale
FARM College of Agric. Learning Center (west of campus) Carbondale
FISH Fisheries Annex Agriculture Dr Carbondale
FOUN Foundry Complex 1560 W Pleasant Hill Rd Carbondale
GLOV Good Luck Glove Factory 432 S Washington St Carbondale
HRSE Horse Center 2194 Union Hill Rd Carbondale
ITCHY Itchy Jones Stadium (Abe Martin Field) 455 Saluki Dr Carbondale
KPLN Kaplan Hall 1205 Douglas Dr Carbondale
KSNR Kesnar Hall 1225 Douglas Dr Carbondale
LEW Lew Hartzog Track & Field Complex 405 Saluki Dr Carbondale
LIB Morris Library 605 Agriculture Dr Carbondale
LNDG Lindegren Hall 600 Agriculture Dr Carbondale
LNGL Lingell Hall 1490 Douglas Dr Carbondale
LNTZ Lentz Hall 1275 Point Dr Carbondale
LS3 Life Science III 1135 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
LSAR Lesar Law Building 1150 Douglas Dr Carbondale
LSII Life Science II 1125 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
LWSN Lawson Hall 1075 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
MCLF McLafferty Annex 1785 University Press Dr Carbondale
NKRS Neckers Building 1245 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
NLY Neely Hall 275 Neely Dr Carbondale
NTUR Touch of Nature 1206 Touch of Nature Rd Makanda
NWA Northwest Annex, A Wing 850 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
NWAC Northwest Annex, C Wing 870 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
OBF Old Baptist Foundation (Doyle Hall) 980 Faner Dr Carbondale
PARK Parkinson Laboratory 1259 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
PLLI Pulliam Hall Industrial Wing 580 W Grand Ave Carbondale
PPI Public Policy Institute 1231 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
PULL Pulliam Hall 475 Clocktower Dr Carbondale
QUIG Quigley Hall 875 S Normal Ave Carbondale
REC Student Recreation Center 300 E Grand Ave Carbondale
REHN Rehn Hall 1025 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
RSS Recreational Sports & Services Outside (various locations) Carbondale
SAFT Safety Center 1435 Douglas Dr Carbondale
SC Student Center 1255 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
SHC Student Health Center 374 E Grand Ave Carbondale
SHRY Shryock Auditorium 1050 S Normal Ave Carbondale
SRC Student Recreation Center 300 E Grand Ave Carbondale
SSB Student Services Building 1263 Lincoln Dr Carbondale
STAD Saluki Stadium 1415 Arena Dr Carbondale
STNE Stone Center 1400 Douglas Dr Carbondale
STOT Stotlar Building US Hwy 51 Carbondale
STRF Stehr Field Wham Dr Carbondale
TEC Transportation Education Center 545 N Airport Rd Murphysboro
TON1 Touch of Nature Camp I 1206 Touch of Nature Rd Makanda
TON2 Touch of Nature Camp II 1206 Touch of Nature Rd Makanda
TRUB Trueblood Hall 1175 S Washington St Carbondale
WEST Charlotte West Stadium 225 E Grand Ave Carbondale
WHAM Wham Education Building 625 Wham Dr Carbondale
WHLR Wheeler Hall 975 S Normal Ave Carbondale
WKLD Wakeland Hall 1215 Douglas Dr Carbondale
WOOD Woody Hall 900 S Normal Ave Carbondale
  Abbott Hall 850 Lentz Dr Carbondale
  Bailey Hall 1225 Point Dr Carbondale
  Baldwin Hall 800 Lentz Dr Carbondale
  Bowyer Hall 1355 Point Dr Carbondale
  Brown Hall 1300 Point Dr Carbondale
  Felts Hall 1250 Point Dr Carbondale
  Kellogg Hall 905 Lentz Dr Carbondale
  Pierce Hall 1305 Point Dr Carbondale
  Smith Hall 950 Lentz Dr Carbondale
  Steagall Hall 1350 Point Dr Carbondale
  University Hall 1101 S Wall St Carbondale
  Warren Hall 925 Lentz Dr Carbondale
  Washington Square 701 - 707 S Washington St Carbondale

Maps to locate most of the buildings above are available at  Buildings AVIA and TEC are located at the Southern Illinois Airport in Murphysboro (northwest of Carbondale).  Information on even more campus buildings is available from Plant and Service Operations.