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What is the CRN?

The CRN stands for the "Course Reference Number" in the Banner student information system.

The CRN is a 5-digit number used in the Schedule of Classes (and in certain lists derived from it), as well as in the self-registration process, that uniquely identifies a course offering for a particular term. Each CRN corresponds to a unique combination of the Course Subject, Course Number, and Section Number for that term. (See here for more details about each of these three elements.)

A CRN has a certain explicit pattern:

  • a CRN that starts with a "2" is a Spring (or Winter Intersession) course;
  • a CRN that starts with a "4" is a Summer (or Summer InterSession) course;
  • a CRN that starts with a "6" is a Fall course.

Beyond the first digit, there is no explicit pattern for the CRN (outside of lower CRNs having been created before higher CRNs).

When students are trying to register for classes, they will go to SalukiNet, select the "Register For Classes" task and then select the Register for Classes link on the main Registration page. If they already know the classes that they want to add (down to the section level) due to having looked them up in advance, they can quickly enter a set of CRNs in the Enter CRNs tab for such classes. This is a time saver as well as a good way to register for a class that is full but may have a waitlist that the student can get on.

Advisors and other staff who are dealing with a given class can use the CRN as a unique reference to that class when working in Banner and/or advising students.