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Meeting patterns for the Schedule of Classes, or on lists derived from it, may make use of 1-character days of the week abbreviations, as follows:

  • M ... Monday
  • T .... Tuesday
  • W ... Wednesday
  • R ... Thursday
  • F .... Friday
  • S ... Saturday
  • U ... Sunday

A class noted as meeting on multiple days of the week will have the appropriate 1-character abbreviations concatenated together, following the order noted above.  For example, MWF and TR and SU are frequent combinations, but there are many others.

Meeting Times

Meeting times, if noted, may be shown in a 24-hour time format.  To understand how to convert that to a 12-hour (AM/PM) time format, look at this reference.

Most meeting times, particularly for the Carbondale and Springfield campuses and for off-campus locations in Illinois, use the time zone for Illinois, which is Central Time.  Meeting times for other off-campus locations use the time zone for the particular location.  Meeting times for online courses use Central Time.