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I wish to totally withdraw from the University, but when I log into SalukiNet Self-Service and try to drop all of my classes on the Add or Drop Classes Worksheet, I get an error.  What should I do?

If you wish to withdraw from the University – to be removed from all of your classes so that you are no longer actively registered for the term – you should visit to see how to get that taken care of.

Whether or not I wish to totally withdraw from the University, what do those Minimum Hours on the Add or Drop Classes Worksheet mean, since I've never noticed them before?

For most students, the Minimum Hours value will be zero for the term.  During the time period of Summer 2013 through Spring 2015, many undergraduate students had non-zero Minimum Hours to help prevent them from withdrawing themselves from too many classes for which they were registered after the full refund period of the term had passed.  This was in line with an academic policy that was introduced to deal with excessive course withdrawals.  That policy has been discontinued effective Summer 2015.

Even though the policy has been discontinued, is it still a good idea to be careful of how many classes I withdraw myself from when I am not completely withdrawing from the University?

Yes.  Whenever you withdraw from a class after the full refund period – while remaining in other classes – you will not get money back on that class, you will get a W grade in it (that will show on your transcript), and you will not make any progress toward your undergraduate degree with it.

Hey, wait a minute.  I'm not an undergraduate but I have Minimum Hours.  Why is that?

Certain non-undergraduate students – such as international students and athletes – also have Minimum Hours in order to prevent them from dropping below a certain number of active hours and going "out of status."  The above discussion about limiting course withdrawals does not apply to them, but they still have Minimum Hours.