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Registrar's Office Forms

The below office forms are files that are in the PDF format.  Some of these PDF files have been designed to be fillable, meaning that you can type in them and then print out the completed form.  Please note that the PDF viewers built into certain web browsers may not be able to handle these PDF files properly, but dedicated PDF software (such as Adobe Reader) should be able to.

Most of these forms, when completed, should be delivered to the Registrar's Office on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building, room 0251 (campus mail code 4701).  Exceptions to that will be noted.  Some forms must be submitted electronically.

Please note that other Registrar's Office forms are available in a restricted location.  Appropriate faculty and advisors can access those forms by logging into SalukiNet, going to the Registrar Resources for Faculty, Advisors, and Staff task center, then launching the "Restricted Forms and Information" task.

Forms for Current/Former Students (#1-9) and Faculty/Staff (#10-13):