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The SIU faculty reminds students and their instructors that the first day of class is just as valuable as the last day of class; that work and other extracurricular commitments do not necessarily justify an absence; that holidays begin and end precisely as stated in the University calendar; that instructors should be notified at least three regular class periods prior to religious observances; that major examinations, term papers, and/or assigned projects for one class do not exempt students from their need to attend another; and, finally, that some financial assistance at the university is actually contingent upon attendance.

Undergraduate students who stop attending a class without officially dropping will be subject to being awarded a WF grade for the class.  The WF grade is assigned by the instructor along with an indication of the recorded last date of attendance. The WF grade counts as an F in the undergraduate GPA calculation.  The last date of attendance associated with the WF may affect the student’s enrollment status, and thus their eligibility for financial aid.

Absences for University-Approved Activities

It is understood that, under some circumstances, students will be required to miss class for University-approved activities.  In these instances, students should fill out the Undergraduate Student Absence Form and provide it to their instructor as soon as possible during the academic term.

Absences for Observances of Major Religious Holidays

Students absent from classes because of observances of major religious holidays will be excused.  Students must notify the instructor at least three regular class periods in advance of an absence from class for a religious holiday and must take the responsibility for making up work missed.

More information about this policy may be found in the Undergraduate Catalog or at the end of Chapter 1 of the Graduate Catalog.

Other Personal Absences

Student Absence Notifications can be provided to instructors at any time during the semester by the Withdrawals & Petitions office in the event a student must miss class for reasons other than those already noted above.  This can be done for reasons of illness, family emergency, or other personal situations.

A student wishing to utilize this service should contact Withdrawals & Petitions (in advance if possible).  While the instructor will then be provided a notification with the reason for the student's absence, it is up to the instructor to determine if the absence will or will not be considered as excused.

Withdrawals & Petitions is located in the Student Services Building, room 0251, and can be reached by phone at (618) 453-7041 or by e-mail at