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Viewing Your Graduation Application Status

Students have the ability to view and monitor the status of their filed graduation application(s) using the View Your Filed Graduation Application Status task within SalukiNet.  Information provided in this task includes:  graduation term/date, status of the application, curriculum applied for, Carbondale campus Commencement attendance, diploma name, diploma mailing address, and diploma release status.

The status of the graduation application will change over time.  The following is a typical sequence of status values for most students:

  1. Applied for Degree
    This is the starting status for all degree candidates, indicating that the application was properly received and posted into the system.
  2. Degree Awarded, Diploma not yet Released
    This status is assigned after a satisfactory evaluation by the appropriate Graduation Office staff.  This evaluation usually starts after all grades are fully processed – the week after the end of the graduation term – and is typically completed within ten weeks after the end of the graduation term.
  3. Degree Awarded, Diploma Released
    After the degree has been awarded, this status is assigned once the diploma has been mailed (via USPS to the address displayed in the task) or has been picked up by the student.

The following are other possible status values for certain students:

  1. Degree to be Awarded at end of Term
    This status is assigned when a candidate's requirements are completed and verified by the Graduation Office staff prior to the end of a graduation term, but the degree cannot be awarded until after the end of the graduation term.
  2. Application for Degree Being Evaluated
    This status is assigned when an evaluation is in process but the degree cannot yet be awarded.  Students with this status should contact their academic advisor for details on why their degree is Pending and to determine if there is any action needed on their part before the Graduation Office evaluates their record for the final time.
  3. Not Eligible to be Awarded the Degree
    This status is assigned when the determination is made that the degree candidate did not successfully complete requirements within the required five weeks after the end of the graduation term.  Students with this status should contact their academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss why they were not awarded the degree and how they should move forward to complete requirements for a future term (re-application may be required for that future term).

Please note that this SalukiNet task will display up to two majors, two minors, and three concentrations (per major) for each degree applied for.  If you are completing more majors, concentrations or minors than just noted for an individual degree – those will not display in this task.  You may, however, view your entire applied-for program near the top of your Unofficial Student Academic Record within SalukiNet Self-Service.

Any requested changes to the graduation application data displayed in the task should be directed in writing to the appropriate office e-mail as follows:

More information related to graduation may be found here.