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Web Registration using the SalukiNet system

Under our Student Information System, undergraduate, graduate, and Law students will self-register using SalukiNet Self-Service (a.k.a., SSB).  Advance registration for a given term opens according to this schedule.

SalukiNet is organized as tasks and task centers, some of which will require you to sign in to successfully launch them.  The option to sign in is near the upper right of the page below the search bar, as shown in the image below.  The search bar itself can be helpful in finding the task or task center that you are interested in.

If you do not explicitly sign in before launching a task that requires doing so, it should prompt you to sign in at that point.  Many on-campus computers require you to log into the campus network just to use them, so that may be sufficient, though some individual computer systems may require you to use a second factor of authentication (which you will be prompted for).

  SalukiNet sign-in

We have a new "mobile-friendly" registration system you will need to be familiar with:

  • This PDF introduces this new system.  The former registration system has now been replaced by this new one.

As you use this new registration system in SSB, you should continue to use other SSB components that have a different look to them and are not as mobile-friendly.  These are part of the "traditional" SSB that we have used for a number of years, and these components will also be updated to the new look over time.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you try to register:

  • Some undergraduate and many graduate students are required to have a RUN number – provided by your academic advisor – in order to register.
  • Some students will have holds on their record that will prevent registration.  Be sure to check in SSB for any such holds – especially on the Monday of the week that advance registration opens – so that you can get them taken care of.
  • In March/April, since advance registration for Summer and Fall terms opens at the same time, students can register for both terms, one after the other.  It may be to your advantage during that time period to register for Summer courses first and Fall courses second, due to prerequisite checking.  And students who are admitted for a Summer term will need to register for Summer courses before registering for Fall courses.