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Extra Details About the Opening of Registration

Date:        January 2018

To:            SIU students who register themselves

From:       SIU Registrar's Office

Subject:   Opening of SIU's Spring 2018 registration

Registration for the Summer and Fall 2018 terms at SIU will be starting up in early April.  Between now and then you may be meeting with an academic advisor to help you determine what classes you should plan to take.  In the meantime, please review the following information.

1.  When will registration take place?

The opening of registration for Summer and Fall 2018 will occur for all students on a staggered-start schedule, beginning with Seniors on Tuesday, April 3.  The complete schedule is shown here.  Once the time slot during which you are able to first register arrives, you may immediately register for classes within SalukiNet Self-Service if you do not have any holds in place that would prevent you from registering.

If you require a RUN number in order to register for either term, you will need to get it from your advisor (or other academic unit personnel) before you can successfully register.

Please note that most students will be unable to use the SalukiNet Self-Service registration system during the day on Monday, April 2.  This is in preparation for the opening of Summer and Fall 2018 registration.  It means that most students will not be able to make registration changes to their late-starting Spring 2018 classes during that day – because they will appear to have a "Registration is not open" type of temporary hold that is only for that one day – but they should be able to make such changes again by that evening (or, at the very latest, by that midnight).

A small portion of students will be able to use the Self-Service registration system on that Monday during the period of 8:15 AM to 6:00 PM CDT.  This portion of students will include veterans and active duty military students, student athletes, UHP students, Chancellor Scholars, and select other groups of students.  All remaining students will have the temporary hold in effect during that time to prevent their use of the system.

2.  Am I supposed to do my own registration?

Yes, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Law students are expected to register themselves using SalukiNet Self-Service.  This system will normally permit adding of full-term classes through the end of the first week of classes.  If circumstances prevent you from meeting this deadline to self-register, you will need to see your advisor and complete paperwork for your registration, and you may incur a late registration charge.

Your advisor does not have the computer access to register you into your classes.  While they, for example, can watch you as you register yourself in their office – and assist you if needed – please do not ever give them your Network ID and password, because that would give them access to too much personal information about you (not all of which they have the right or authority to access).  If you are being pressured to give your Network ID and password to anyone, please contact the SalukiTech Help Desk or the Registrar's Office.

3.  What is a RUN number?

Many students – including nearly all undergraduates – are required to use a 6-digit Registration User Number (RUN) during self-registration (at least during the initial self-registration for the term).  You should get your RUN when you meet with your advisor to plan your upcoming courses.  More information about RUNs is available here.

4.  What about the holds that were mentioned?

Your ability to register could be impacted by holds.  While in SalukiNet Self-Service, you can check for any current holds under the Student | Student Records menu.

For all students, outstanding financial obligations to SIU beyond $200 may result in a hold that prevents registration, as may failing to comply with Illinois immunization requirements.  The same is true for students who have not completed certain federally-mandated training, as well as for new Spring 2018 undergraduate students who have not submitted final transcripts from their previous institution(s).

Since holds may be placed on your record by various offices at any time – especially on the day before the opening of registration – you will want to regularly monitor SalukiNet Self-Service to make sure that you are not surprised by any new non-temporary holds when you attempt to register.  And if you think that you may be at risk for getting any holds that will impact your ability to register, please check with your advisor to see if that is true.

Remember that if you are currently registered for this term's classes, any holds that will prevent you from registering for future term classes will also prevent you from making registration changes to your current term classes (including dropping or withdrawing from them).

More information about most holds is available here.1

5.  Do I have to worry about course prerequisites?

The SalukiNet Self-Service registration system enforces course prerequisites and corequisites.  If you have not satisfied the prerequisite(s) for a desired course as outlined in the appropriate Undergraduate Catalog, Graduate Catalog, or School of Law Course Catalog – or you are not currently enrolled in a prerequisite course – and if your advisor has not otherwise entered an override permitting you to enroll in the desired course, you will be prevented from registering for that course.  If that happens to you, there will be an error message that says, "Prerequisite and Test Score error."

Similarly, if a desired course has a corequisite course that you need to be enrolled in during the same term, you will need to register for both courses at the same time, or you will be prevented from registering for either one (unless your advisor has entered an override permitting you to do so).  If you run into this problem, there will be an error message that likely also says, "Prerequisite and Test Score error" (which seems like an unfortunate choice of wording when such an error should really say, "Corequisite required").

6.  Can I look at available classes now, before seeing my advisor?

Yes.  The Summer and Fall 2018 courses are now ready to view.  Please realize, though, that as we get closer to the opening of registration, changes to these courses may happen and new courses may be added, so you will want to check regularly to see what is available.

The Schedule of Classes page at https://registrar.siu.edu/schedclass/ contains a searchable database of class sections that you would utilize.  Alternatively, if you log into SalukiNet Self-Service and navigate to the area where you would go to register (the Student | Registration menu), you can use the "Look Up Classes" link there to do a similar search of available class sections, but with some additional features that the first search (the one outside of SalukiNet) does not offer.

If you have any questions about the particular courses for which you should register, or if you have concerns about meeting the appropriate prerequisites, please check with your advisor.

If you have never registered yourself before, or if you simply need a basic reminder of how our online self-registration works, we have a set of instructions that should help.

7.  What about Math Placement?

Undergraduate students must complete one or more Math courses to receive a degree.  We encourage you to get your Math courses completed as soon as possible, preferably starting in your first term at SIU.

If you are an incoming undergraduate student coming straight out of high school, there is a Math Placement exam process that you will need to go through in order to be placed in the appropriate Math course.  Information about this process is available from the Math department.  You are encouraged to complete this process before you attend New Student Orientation.

If you are an incoming undergraduate student transferring from a community college or another four-year school, you may also need to go through the Math Placement exam process (if you have not completed an appropriate college-level Math course at your previous institution).  Check with the Math department or your advisor to determine what you need to do.  Again, you are encouraged to complete this process before you attend New Student Orientation.

If you are currently an SIU student but have not yet completed a Math course and are not in a Math course right now, please check with the Math department to find out what you should do.

8.  If a class is full, can I get on a waitlist for it?

For those who do not know, to get on a waitlist allows you to be in line for a spot in a currently-closed class should an opening occur in the future (due to, for example, someone else dropping the class).  Such a system allows you to not have to log in frequently and check for any sudden openings in the class, so it can be a very helpful tool.  (Of course, there's no guarantee that an opening will occur in the future, or that enough openings will occur in the future to benefit all students on the waitlist.)

Waitlisting is available for courses in a number of departments.  Departments are not required to offer waitlisting on their courses, and those that do may offer waitlisting on only a portion of their courses.

More details about waitlisting are available here.  In the meantime, if you wish to waitlist a class, you will need to have a current @siu.edu e-mail address in order to receive notifications if and when an opening in the class is made available to you (when you are at the top of the waitlist).  If you do not have such an e-mail address right now, information about obtaining one is available here.

9.  Is there anything else to be concerned about?

While you are preparing for registration, we would encourage you to log into SalukiNet Self-Service and take time to verify and/or update your addresses as necessary.  You can do so from the Personal Information menu within SalukiNet Self-Service.  Also, while there, we would encourage you to fill out the "emergency contact" information (also available from the Personal Information menu).

For those of you who have not yet obtained your SIU e-mail address, that is something that you really need to do, and you can do so by logging into the Network ID Management System (though brand new students will have to wait until after the first time they register before they can obtain their SIU e-mail address).

Finally, please be sure to monitor SalukiNet Self-Service for any new, non-temporary, registration-impacting holds, especially on Monday, April 2, so that you are not surprised by them when attempting to register later that week.  Any such holds that do appear in SalukiNet Self-Service should be accompanied by details (or contact information) about how to fufill what the hold is in place for (or else look at such info here).  You do not need to be worried about that temporary hold that will be in effect only on April 2.

Thank you for your attention to these details, and we hope that you are looking forward to taking some interesting courses at SIU this coming Summer and/or Fall.

1 The HS holds are normally posted to go into effect by the end of the third week of the semester, while the A3, A6, A7, and RM holds are normally posted to go into effect by the end of the tenth week of the semester.  The DR holds are normally posted to go into effect 45 days after the student is alerted to the need for the Consent & Respect training (for a new student, this alert is early in their first semester; for a continuing student, this alert is one year after the completion of their previous training).