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Audit Grade Information

Students enrolling for an Audit must designate their intent to enroll on an Audit basis at the time of registration, or prior to the end of the second week of a sixteen-week semester (prior to the end of the second week of an eight-week summer session, or prior to the first class for a shorter course).  An equivalent prorated amount of time would be allowed for courses of shorter duration.  Students registering for short courses must register for Audit prior to the beginning of those classes.

Students cannot designate a course for Audit from within SalukiNet Self-Service.  Instead, they should first register for the course in SalukiNet Self-Service, then see their advisor before the deadline noted in the previous paragraph to fill out a Course Request Form (CRF) which designates the change from regular registration to Audit.  Law students require special approval before being allowed to audit a course.

Students registering for a course on an Audit basis receive no earned hours credit, though the course and its audit-related grade will appear on the student's transcript.

Auditing students' CRFs must be marked accordingly, and such students pay the same tuition and fees as though they were registering for credit.  Students are expected to attend regularly and to determine from the instructor the amount of work expected of them.  If auditing students do not attend regularly, the instructor may determine that the student should not have a satisfactory (AU) audit grade.  If the audited class is unsatisfactory, a grade of UAU will appear on the student's transcript.