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Course Changes

The Schedule of Classes offerings for a department or school for the upcoming term should be finalized at the schedule proofing session that your departmental or school representative has with our Scheduling staff before advisement and advance registration for that term begins.  However, we realize that sometimes changes to those class offerings need to be made after the proofing session.  Such changes include:

    •   Adding on-campus courses
    •   Canceling courses
    •   Changing the day(s), time(s), and/or location(s)
    •   Changing the maximum enrollment
    •   Adding/changing special notes or secondary titles
    •   Making a course waitlistable

All changes to the Schedule of Classes should be communicated to Scheduling through the department chair or school director.  That individual should complete the REG 0100 "Request for Changes to the Schedule of Classes" form (formerly known as Form 75) available at, and then submit the completed form via e-mail to

Changes requested after advance registration has begun are highly discouraged.  Such changes to a course in which students are already registered can result in student schedule conflicts that may not be readily apparent to the student until a later time.  Departments or schools wishing to make such changes should be prepared to directly contact affected students as soon as possible to inform them of the changes, in order for the students to adjust their schedules if they need to do so.  At the very least, all departments and schools have the ability to run Argos class list reports to let them know who affected students are and how to contact them, while all instructors have the ability to use SalukiNet Self-Service class lists to e-mail students in their courses.

If classroom space is needed, please call 453-2997 and the Scheduling staff will perform a room search to see if a space that fits your needs is available.