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Scholastic Standing

At the official end of each term of attendance, a student's final grades are collected from their instructors.  On the Wednesday after final exams, our office processes those grades and computes the term GPA (grade point average) as well as the cumulative GPA for the student at that point (see here for how a GPA calculation is done).  The end-of-term processing also involves our office making GPA and earned hours adjustments for any repeated courses (per University policy noted here).

On this web page, the phrases "term GPA" and "cumulative GPA" refer to GPAs calculated for courses taken at SIU Carbondale, not to courses previously taken at other colleges or universities.  The GPAs calculated for SIUC courses are often referred to as "institutional" GPAs, as opposed to "transfer" GPAs for courses taken at other schools.

Once the institutional term and cumulative GPA and earned hours are finalized, an appropriate scholastic standing is determined for the term (and, for undergraduates, any recognition on the Deans List for the term).  A student is considered to be in good standing unless the combination of the cumulative GPA and the term GPA would indicate otherwise.

NOTE:  For students who take shorter-than-full-term classes, final grades for those classes may be posted for the student to see prior to the end of the term (as may be some type of GPA, though perhaps it will be an incomplete GPA).  However, the scholastic standing is not computed until the official end of the term.

Thus, a student who checks their early-posted grades should not assume that they know the complete picture of where they stand academically, since their scholastic standing will not yet have been determined.  Instead, such a student should check again at the official end of the term to see their scholastic standing and any Deans List recognition.

A student who is not in good standing is at risk of being restricted in their future education at the University, since students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward a degree, certificate, or other approved objective.  (The expectation of making satisfactory progress is especially true for students receiving federal financial aid as noted here [with more details for undergraduates noted here].)

Reviewing Grades, GPAs, and Standing

A student can review their grades, term and cumulative GPAs, and scholastic standing by logging into SalukiNet.  The fastest way is to search for "0251" to bring up the Registrar's Office task centers.  The Registrar -- Academic Records & Graduation task center has a few different tasks that will help with understanding your current academic progress, as well as projecting your future progress.

As described above, complete information for a term is normally not available until the Thursday after the end of final exams for the term, so students who check their grades, GPAs, and standing before such time will not get complete information.

Even when checking at the appropriate time, it is possible that a student may not have all grades yet properly recorded (e.g., there may be NR grades present instead of normal grades), and so will have to wait to see their complete information for the term until their instructors submit the appropriate grades to our office.

Probation and Suspension