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How do I Withdraw from all of my SIU Classes?

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University is a decision that should not be taken lightly and should be made only after first consulting with your academic advisor or with staff in your academic program.

I'm in SalukiNet Self-Service right now ... what should I do?

If your intention is to be removed from all of your classes for the term so that you are no longer actively registered for the term, you can not drop all of your classes on your own and be considered as withdrawn.  So please do not drop any of your classes.  Instead, please contact one of the following offices to initiate the withdrawal process:

Undergraduates in off-campus and military programs should also use the above contact information to begin a withdrawal request.

Can't I just drop most of my classes now and clean things up later?

That is not the most efficient way to complete the entire process.  Plus, due to federal rules especially related to financial aid and to enrollment reporting, the three offices noted above really need to be completely involved in what happens.

In other words, the University has to be absolutely certain that you are trying to withdraw rather than simply trying to reduce your load to just one class.  SalukiNet Self-Service does not really allow for that, which is why we would rather hear from you directly if you are trying to withdraw before you attempt to do anything yourself.

Why don't you just allow me to drop ALL of my classes myself?

Withdrawing is a serious decision that will have different impacts on different students.  Before finalizing a withdrawal, you really need to speak with an advisor or other staff who can look at your individual situation and let you know the implications of a decision to withdraw, whether they be academic or financial or both.

For example, there may be financial penalties that you are not able to afford at this time and that will hamper your future educational options.

Obviously the final decision to withdraw is one that you will have to make.  But we want to make sure that you understand what may lie in front of you, and hopefully be able to point you to an option that will work best for you.

But I'm faced with an official SIU deadline to drop right now!

Then please initiate the e-mail or phone call right now.  For example, if you send out the e-mail on a weekend, even if the appropriate office does not read it until the next weekday, they will consider your e-mailed request to have been initiated during the weekend.  Please don't wait to send that e-mail request if you truly wish to withdraw now.

What if I'm not so sure if I want to withdraw?

Withdrawal from the University is a serious decision.  Not only will it affect your academic progress, but it can affect your financial aid, your University Housing contract, and your student health insurance.  While a withdrawal is the appropriate decision for some students, for other students simply reducing their course load for the term is a more appropriate decision.  In any event, you should not make this decision without first consulting others who can assist you in understanding the implications of the decision.

Undergraduate students should first consult their academic advisor before contacting the Registrar's Office.  Graduate students should contact the Graduate School, while Law students should contact the School of Law.  All students should also review their appropriate catalog to get more information about withdrawing.  Students who are receiving financial aid are encouraged to also contact the Financial Aid Office.