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Withdrawal Process

Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University is a serious decision.

Undergraduate students should consult their academic advisor and the Undergraduate Catalog (especially Chapter 2) for complete information on withdrawing from the University.  Graduate students contemplating withdrawal should instead contact the Graduate School and review the Graduate Catalog (especially Chapter 1).  Law students should contact the School of Law at lawreg@siu.edu.

Withdrawals & Petitions

On-campus undergraduate students wishing to initiate a semester withdrawal should inform their advisors of their intention, since, depending on the student's situation, there may be a more advantageous option for the student than withdrawing.  Students who are receiving financial aid are encouraged to also contact the Financial Aid Office in order to understand the financial implications of withdrawing.  If a withdrawal will still be pursued, then the student will need to work with Withdrawals & Petitions to formalize the withdrawal.

The Withdrawals & Petitions office also reviews requests for credit/refund of tuition and fees.  Students considering withdrawal from the University should contact Withdrawals & Petitions prior to leaving the campus.

A withdrawal from the University can affect your financial aid, as well as your University Housing contract, your student health insurance, and your academic records.

Withdrawals & Petitions is located in the new Student Services Building, room 0251, and can be reached by phone at (618) 453-7041 or by e-mail at withdraw@siu.edu.

Student Death Notices

Withdrawals & Petitions serves as the official office of record regarding all student deaths, including those of former students, and provides special assistance to surviving parents or family members in notifying appropriate University offices so that institutional records may be adjusted.

Military Withdrawal

Special consideration is extended to individuals who leave school for extended military service (six months or longer).  These students may choose to withdraw completely.  If withdrawing during the third through tenth weeks of school, these students may receive WMS grades in all classes, with the appropriate refund.  When the withdrawal occurs after the tenth week, students will receive both grades and credit hours for the courses in which they are passing.  In all instances, a copy of the military orders or a letter from the commanding officer is required for verification of impending military service.  To be eligible for these benefits students must remain in school to within 10 days of their military reporting date.

Students in military service with the State of Illinois pursuant to the orders of the Governor have the right to receive a full monetary credit or refund for funds paid to any Illinois public university, college or community college if the person is placed into a period of military service with the State of Illinois in the event of state emergencies pursuant to the orders of the Governor and is unable to attend the university or college for a period of seven or more days.  Students may elect to receive course credit for all of their courses rather than a refund.