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Take 15 credits per semester
to finish college on time


Take 15 credits per semester to make your college education more affordable.


Take 15 credits per semester to enter the workforce faster.


Graduating on time puts you in a position to begin making money sooner.


Graduating on time means you are in the workforce longer and your lifetime earnings will be higher.


Graduating on time leads to more options in your life, including pursuing a graduate degree, taking time off to travel, or to do volunteer work.


Take control of your education. Working with your advisor will keep you on track to graduate on time.


If you take less than 15 hours per semester, enroll in summer session to stay on schedule to graduate in four years.


Research shows that the longer one is in college, the less likely the student is to complete a degree.

Important Academic Reminders:

Right Now:

  • Advance registration for Spring 2016 classes is taking place.
  • The online graduation application for Spring (May) 2016 and Summer (August) 2016 graduation is now available.  Students will have to pre-pay the graduation application fee – with a credit or debit card – when they submit their application.  For more details, please see the announcement within SalukiNet.
  • In a policy change, the past-due balance threshold for the "Bursar Reg" hold has recently been lowered from $1,000 to $200, which may result in you having that hold when you did not have it before.  Having such a hold will prevent registration.
  • Newly-admitted students can now contract online with University Housing.  You may have to wait a day after you have been admitted and have gotten your Network ID before you will be able to successfully log into Housing's system.

Coming Up:

  • Fall 2015 final exams — December 14-18
  • Online grade submission for full-term Fall 2015 courses begins Monday, December 14.
  • Grade changes for graduate INC grades from Fall 2014 and undergraduate INC grades from Spring and Summer 2015 must be submitted by Friday, December 18 to avoid having the INC grade automatically changed to an F grade.
  • Fall 2015 Commencement — Saturday, December 19, 2:00 PM at the SIU Arena
  • Fall 2015 grades are due from instructors by Tuesday, December 22 at 8:00 AM.
  • Most Fall 2015 grades should be posted on SalukiNet by late Tuesday, December 22, though some off-campus (and Law) course grades will not be posted until later.

Looking Ahead:

  • Residence halls closed for Winter Break starting Saturday, December 19 at 7:00 PM.
  • Want to take a short class during Winter Break?  Consider these.
  • Christmas and New Year's holidays and University closure — December 24 thru January 1
  • Residence halls re-open Saturday, January 16 at 9:00 AM.
  • Dr. M. L. King, Jr. holiday — Monday, January 18 (University is closed)
  • The Spring 2016 semester begins Tuesday, January 19.

What We Do:

The Registrar's Office provides administrative services and academic support to currently enrolled students and the campus community, as well as to prospective and former students.  We are located in room 0251 of the new Student Services Building.

The primary goals of the Registrar's Office are to assist students in the registration process, assess tuition and fees, monitor students' academic progress, and determine eligibility for degree.  The Registrar's Office also provides many specialized services for students such as transcript distribution, enrollment verification, and withdrawal.

For the academic units, the Registrar's Office oversees all general classroom space assignments, coordinates faculty and staff access to the Banner Student Information System, and identifies the students to be recognized for University-wide high scholastic achievement (such as Deans List and Honors Day).

The organization of the Registrar's Office is shown here.