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PR (Work in Progress) Grade Information

PR is an authorized grade for specifically approved undergraduate courses.  For example, it is used for the required University Core Curriculum course English 101, which is a course that has been designated as one in which students must receive a grade of C or better.  The grade is given only to students who regularly attend class and attempt to complete the required work.  The grade is to be used only once per student for any given course.  The course provides additional instruction for those students not making adequate progress.

Students who receive a PR grade must re-register for the course within a time period not to exceed a year from the end of the semester in which the course is taken.  The grade earned in the course for which the student re-registers will be included in the grade point average (GPA) computation.  Failure to complete the course within the year will result in the PR automatically becoming an F.  While the PR grade is not included in the GPA computation, the F grade will be included in the GPA computation.