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The University Core Curriculum (UCC) is required of all undergraduate students.  It is composed of three general areas:  Foundation Skills, Disciplinary Studies, and Integrative Studies.  Within each general area are one or more sub-areas from which a certain number of course credits must be earned in order to complete the UCC requirements.

Any course that satisfies part of the UCC has course attribute(s) that indicate what sub-area(s) of the UCC are satisfied.  These course attributes appear in the Schedule of Classes search results.  The following is a list of these attributes and what UCC area and sub-area they represent:

General Area Attribute Sub-Area Credits Required
I. Foundation Skills UC1A   (1A) Composition 6
  UC1B   (1B) Mathematics 3
  UC1C   (1C) Speech 3
  UC1D   (1D) Foundations of Inquiry 1-3¹  (or 3²)  (or 0³)
II. Disciplinary Studies UC2A   (2A) Fine & Performing Arts 3
  UC2B   (2B) Human Health 2
  UC2C   (2C) Humanities 6
  UC2D   (2D) Science group 1 - Physical Sciences 3
  UC2E   (2E) Science group 2 - Life Sciences 3
  UC2F   (2F) Social Science 6
III. Integrative Studies UC3A   (3A) Multicultural/Diversity 3
  UC3B   (3B) Interdisciplinary 0¹  (or 0²)  (or 3³)

1 This applies to students whose catalog term is Summer 2015 or later.
2 This applies to students whose catalog term is Summer 2012 through Spring 2015.
3 This applies to students whose catalog term is prior to Summer 2012.

More detailed information about the UCC is available here, as well as in the Undergraduate Catalog.