Declaring A Major

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Declaring A Major

Incoming undergraduate students do not necessarily need to declare a major in a degree-granting program right away.  Many students start out in the Exploratory Student programs within our University College, others start in an undeclared major within our various other colleges, while still others start in a pre-professional program in the College of Science.  This allows students an opportunity to get more exposed to what SIU has to offer while they work on their necessary Core Curriculum classes.

But eventually students who plan on getting a degree have to declare a major in a degree-granting program so that they can make proper progress toward that degree.

A University policy that went into effect in March 2014 requires most undergraduate students who have not yet earned a Bachelor's degree, and who have earned more than 45 total credit hours (including more than 26 SIU credit hours), to formally declare a major in a degree-granting program if they have not already done so.

This policy is intended to impact students whose classification is Freshman, Sophomore, etc., and who are currently in an Exploratory Students program, a pre-professional program, or an undeclared major.  It is not intended to impact students who are unclassified, students concurrently enrolled at SIU and in the SIUE Nursing program, or students who are taking additional undergraduate courses beyond their already-earned Bachelor's degree.  And, obviously, it is not intended to impact students whose current primary degree program is already one that will directly lead to a B.A., B.S., B.F.A., or B.Mus. degree.

Such students who do not formally declare such a major will be prevented from registering – or making registration changes – until they do declare a major.  That will be accomplished by placing a "Must Formally Declare A Major" hold on the academic record of applicable students right before the opening of advance registration.  Such a hold will be viewable within SalukiNet Self-Service and will prevent all registration add and drop activity from taking place going forward.  (Also viewable within SalukiNet Self-Service is the student's current primary degree program, in case the student is not exactly sure what it is and whether or not it will directly lead to a degree at SIU.)

At the end of October 2018, those Fall 2018 undergraduates who then match the conditions for needing to formally declare a major in a degree-granting program, but who have not yet done so, will have this hold placed on their academic record, preventing them from registering for Spring 2019 classes.

Students who wish to formally declare a major should see their academic advisor for guidance.  (Students in a pre-professional program may choose to declare a major in a degree-granting program in addition to their current pre-professional program [which itself does not directly lead to a degree at SIU].)  The student will need to have completed for them a Change Of Curriculum form (which academic advisors can initiate), and such form will need to be approved by the college and/or department whose major the student wishes to declare.  Once that completed form is submitted to and processed by the Registrar's Office, the hold will be taken down (or the hold will not be placed in the future if one does not yet exist).