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Undergraduate Math Placement Requirement

Undergraduate students seeking a degree must complete a set of general education requirements defined as the University Core Curriculum (UCC).1  As part of the UCC requirements, a student must successfully complete at least one college-level Math course.2

When deciding on a Math course to take, even if the student has satisfied any pre-requisite courses noted in the Undergraduate Catalog, the student must first take one or more Math Placement tests in order to be able to register for an appropriate Math course.3

Please note that there are three Math Placement tests.  While the most introductory Math courses (e.g., 101 and 107) require successfully completing just one test, a few others (e.g., 106 and 108) require two tests, and still others (e.g., 109, 139, 140, and 150) require all three tests.

Information about the Math Placement process is detailed at the Mathematics web site.

1 Additional information about the UCC requirements is available at the UCC web site.

2 Transfer students who believe they will have completed the Math requirement before starting at SIUC should verify this with their SIUC academic advisor.  If the transfer student has already submitted transcripts from their previous institutions to SIUC, they may be able to review the UCC section of their Degree Works course audit within SalukiNet to verify if they have completed the Math requirement.

3 The Math Placement tests are administered by a third party.  While the student should be able to see their scores almost immediately after completing the tests, those scores will usually not be loaded into the SIUC registration system until the next weekday.  Thus, a student who waits until advance registration is open before taking Math Placement tests may not be able to immediately register for a Math course.