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Pass-Fail Grading System

Certain undergraduate courses which, in the judgment of the department or program, have been determined to be inappropriate for the traditional grading system are designated as Mandatory Pass/Fail.  Courses which carry this designation include the words "Mandatory Pass/Fail" at the end of the course descriptions in the Undergraduate Catalog.

For courses taken on a Mandatory Pass/Fail basis, completed grades will be either the grade of P (when the student's work is satisfactory) or the grade of F (when the student's work is unsatisfactory).

The grade of P is not included in the grade point average computation but the hours earned apply toward graduation.  The grade of F is computed in the grade point average as a failure but no hours of credit are earned.  If a student receives an INC in a Mandatory Pass/Fail course, the same regulations apply for completion of the work as apply for all other grades of INC, as explained here.

In addition to the Mandatory Pass/Fail courses, an Elective Pass/Fail grading policy for undergraduates was in effect through the end of Spring Semester, 1987.  The regulations concerning that discontinued policy last appear in the 1986-1987 Undergraduate Catalog, pp. 29-30.

Graduate students do not have a Pass/Fail grading system, but they have a similar Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading system using S and U grades.