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Searchable Schedule of Classes Listings

  • The search results will list out courses by section and include section info such as add/drop dates, meeting dates/times/places, instructors, and links to the catalog description and required textbooks.  The individual sections can then be drilled into for details such as current and max enrollment, course prerequisites and restrictions, and any applicable course fees.
  • To help you understand how courses in the schedule are identified – by subject, number, and section – please look here.
  • Fall 2020 courses, though now available in the search results, may have some details, such as instructors, not yet shown.
  • Please note:  The Summer 2020 schedule has been significantly updated.  Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University has decided to convert on-campus face-to-face class sections to online class sections when possible.  Such classes now have new section numbers in this revamped schedule.

Important Information on Registration Policies, Deadlines, and More

PDF Listings of Upcoming Class Offerings1

1 SIUC staff who need a more complete list of class offerings – and/or more details about the classes – can log into Argos and run a "Course Schedule" report to get a CSV output that can be opened and manipulated in Microsoft Excel (or a similar spreadsheet program).