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Academic Renewal Program

The Academic Renewal Program is designed to allow some former Southern Illinois University Carbondale students, who had academic difficulty in their initial enrollment at SIUC, an opportunity to get off of academic probation faster and to have the chance to graduate in a more timely manner.  The program permits eligible returning students to establish a separate grade point average (GPA), calculated from their first semester of readmission, that will be used for retention and graduation purposes going forward.

Former SIUC students who wish to return to SIUC under the Academic Renewal Program must meet the qualifying conditions and follow the regulations noted in the Undergraduate Catalog in order to be able to enter and remain in the Program.  They must also complete the Academic Renewal Program application.

Upon acceptance into the Program, the student's transcript will be adjusted by the Registrar's Office.  The earlier courses and grades will still be displayed, but those grades will be temporarily excluded from the institutional GPA calculation going forward.  There will also be a permanent notation posted on the transcript designating the student to be in the Academic Renewal Program.

While in the Program, the student's separate GPA will be calculated from the point of readmission and will be used to determine term-by-term scholastic standing.  Any earned hours from before the point of readmission will still count toward the total hours required for the degree and will still be used to help determine undergraduate classification.  During the Program, the student must earn at least 30 additional semester hours at SIUC.

At the point of graduation, after completion of all degree requirements has been verified, the Registrar's Office will re-include those earlier course grades back into the institutional GPA calculation before the degree is awarded.  It will be this complete institutional GPA that will be used for the calculation of graduation honors and that will be permanently displayed on the graduating student's transcript.

The Academic Renewal Program was previously known as the Second Chance Program from 1989 to 2013.