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Course Materials


Traditionally, students have been expected to purchase required textbooks and other printed materials by visiting the campus bookstore (or other book provider).  SIU's official campus bookstore is a Follett bookstore located on the first floor of the Student Center.  The campus bookstore's web site is at

Students may also be able to obtain textbooks and other printed materials from other local bookstores or from online providers.  To find out what materials are required for a course, please use the searchable Schedule of Classes (from here) to locate your course; then, in the search results, there should be a link labeled "Textbook" which you can use to see the required (and recommended) materials.  In addition, you should be sure to consult the syllabus that will be provided to you at the start of the course.

Some instructors may place a copy of the textbook or other printed materials on reserve at Morris Library.  This allows for access to materials that are no longer being printed, as well as access to materials that students may not be able to afford to purchase.  Printed materials on reserve are normally for use only within Morris Library.

Digital Materials

Increasingly, instructors and departments are moving away from printed materials to digital materials.  Many digital materials provide the ability to highlight areas (like you would do in a book), and they are more easily searchable than books are.  These digital materials are usually integrated with the SIU Online system (powered by Desire2Learn ["D2L"]), and so normally require only a web browser to use.  Some digital materials may require a separate "reader" piece of software which you ought to be able to use on your desktop, laptop, or tablet computer.  Some, but not all, digital materials require an out-of-pocket purchase like traditional books do.

Other Materials

Certain programs of study may have courses that require other non-book, non-digital course materials.  Such materials should be available for purchase in the campus bookstore, or else they may be placed on reserve in Morris Library by the instructor.   You may need to consult the course syllabus to get the best information on such materials.