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What Do Students Need To Know?

0.  About what to do to be prepared ...

  1. What school codes do I need to use to submit information to SIU?
  2. What is my DAWG Tag number?
  3. How do I claim my Network ID to access SIU computing resources?
  4. Am I required to take a Math placement test?
  5. Are there orientation activities for incoming students?
  6. How do I contract with University Housing to live in the residence halls?
  7. What other mandatory things should I take care of right away?

1.  About the registration process ...

  1. Who is my academic advisor?
  2. What classes are available for the term ... and when do they meet?
  3. When does advance registration for the upcoming term begin?
  4. How do I actually register myself for classes?   Do it now in SalukiNet.
  5. What is a RUN number and where do I get it?
  6. What's the max hours I can take ... and can I get approved for an overload?
  7. How do I determine my full-time or part-time term status?

2.  About my enrollment once I register ...

  1. What course materials will I need?
  2. When are the various academic deadlines during the term?
  3. Can I audit a class (instead of taking it for credit)?
  4. What is the attendance policy ... and what do I do if I need to miss class?
  5. How do I get a verification of my enrollment for ... ?
  6. How do I make changes to ... ?
  7. Why do I have a minimum credit hours restriction for the term?
  8. How do I withdraw from the University?
  9. When are final exams given?
  10. When do I need to declare a major?

3.  About grades, GPA, and scholastic standing ...

  1. What is the grading system used at the University?
  2. How do I calculate my GPA?
  3. Can I appeal a grade I've been given?
  4. What happens if I get an Incomplete (INC) grade for a course?
  5. What is the policy about repeating a course I've already taken?
  6. What is my scholastic standing ... and why should I be concerned about it?
  7. When is there recognition for high scholastic achievement?
  8. How are my classification and expected graduation date determined?
  9. How can I monitor my progress toward degree (using Degree Works)?
  10. How do I apply to graduate?

4.  About my student records ...

  1. How do I request an official transcript of my student records?
  2. Can I see my student records without requesting an official transcript?
  3. What do the holds on my student record mean ... and what do they affect?
  4. Under what circumstances can my student records be released?
  5. How do I use SalukiNet Proxy to allow others access to my SalukiNet?

5.  About other things ...

  1. I'm here as a transfer student, so now what?
  2. I'm a former student and want to return, so what should I do?
  3. If I left SIU due to poor grades, is there a way that I can still return?
  4. How much should I expect to pay for tuition and fees (and other expenses)?
  5. What is the process to graduate?
  6. What else is happening at the University?
  7. Can I vote while living here in the Carbondale area?
  8. Does anyone know the rules for my computer passwords?
  9. How can student groups reserve space in a University facility?